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Pondicherry Day Trips | Cultural Travel

Pondicherry Talkies – The Tales of A Local!

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Our Auroville & Pondicherry Day Trips attempt to bring travellers closer to local life in the sleepy town of Pondicherry.


Pondicherry is steeped deep in history and culture! A century of French occupation has assured a distinctive Franco-Tamil confluence in its roots. Having said that, there’s far more to Pondicherry than meets the eye. Since times gone-by, Pondicherry has been a welcoming host to travellers from all parts of India and the world! Rebels, revolutionary thinkers, freedom-fighters, yoga-enthusiasts, peace-seekers, amongst others have all found a home in this quiet town. This wide mix of people from different parts of the world has created an interesting fuse of cultures. Naturally, the lure of Pondicherry is rooted deep within its stories, its rich culture, fine architecture & friendly people.


Adding to this allure is the unique community of Auroville, based on the principles of harmony, sustainability & innovation. As a duo, they make up the perfect backdrop for an immersive, meaningful travel experience.

Pondicherry Day Trips