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tamil quarter of pondicherry

Tamil Quarter of Pondicherry & Market Walk

Tamil Quarter of Pondicherry & Market Walk

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Pondicherry and it’s native Tamil population played a key role in the assimilation of the French influence on the town. Countless wanderers have followed the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and other freedom fighters like Bharathiar. All have found peace and a sense of belonging in Pondicherry. Many of them from Odisha, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh settled in various parts of the town’s Tamil Quarter. The result is an unparalleled fusion of cultural diversity that lives within the very air of Pondicherry.

Join our story teller for an interactive walk through the Tamil Quarter of Pondicherry as (s)he reminisces about the years gone-by. The walk alternates between interactive anecdotes about the different languages. It explains the distinctiveness of Franco-Tamil architecture. Discover the lifestyle & heritage of the people. Experience the vibe of local eateries & watering holes. Indulge in real interaction with local businesses and artisans that have seen a thousand splendid suns from these streets!



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