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Of Crafty Tales and More!

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The story of Auroville has consciously been built around principles of immersive community development with key focus on sustainability through innovation. These principles have led to the creation and nurturing of several units. These units are dedicated to the creation & preservation of crafts, arts & skilled handicrafts within Auroville. These units serve a dual purpose. They nurture and develop traditional and contemporary art and craft forms; at the same time, they provide a source of livelihood and income for Aurovillians and members of neighbouring villages.

In collaboration with many local stakeholders, a project has been initiated to bring all of these units under one umbrella. Our Arts & Crafts Trail gives travellers a first-hand insight into some ground-breaking works-of-art in Auroville. Join a local Aurovillian as (s)he gives you an introduction to the dynamic Auroville community. (S)he will then take you to some of the craft centres, where travellers can hear their stories, interact with the artisans and witness the creation of the finest of Auroville crafts.



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