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farms and forests

Farms and Forests

Farms and Forests

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Pondicherry & Auroville have a deep connection with forests & farms – naturally, it becomes a major attraction to include in your visit to this beautiful town. The day-trip is split between two key locations in and around Auroville.
The first stop will be the peaceful sanctuary of restored and self-generating forest with more than 800 species of plants. Several years ago, an Australian national restored a dying land and founded what has gone on to become a spectacular project. Its library, database, artefacts and photo displays provide strong insight into the teachings of restoration ecology, environmental science, and the identification and use of indigenous medicinal plants.
Part 2 of the journey takes us on an interactive visit to a sustainable farming community aiming at integrating food, permaculture/ natural farming and education within the vision of a creative lifestyle. Krishna, who initiated this project after being inspired by the ideas of Masanobu Fukuoka, author of the “One Straw Revolution”, will walk you through his methods that have pioneered natural farming in India. Spoiler Alert: he’s been known to pick out a random plant or fruit from the wilderness and fashion a mouth-smacking snack/beverage out of nowhere!



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