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Auroville Impressions | Auroville Day Trip

Auroville Impressions – An Auroville Day Trip

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For many that come to Pondicherry, Auroville is a mystery, pictorially dominated by the visions of the stunning ‘Matrimandir’. It is often referred to as the International City or The City of Dawn, in Pondi’s pop-culture. Auroville is the realisation of a dream that followed The Mother’s vision to build an international community devoid of religion & other differences. The founding stone of Auroville was laid in the ‘60s with soil from 124 different nations, brought forth by the first citizens of this wonderful township. More than 2500 people from 50 different countries are permanent residents of this community. This makes Auroville a cultural cauldron with dynamics and complexities of its own.
This day trip run by Aurovillians was born out of an eagerness to share what makes Auroville such a unique place to live & visit. To give travellers a first-hand experience of how this community has flourished. Learn from, and about, those who chose to join, build and live this unique lifestyle. Listen to the stories of the next generation that were born here & decided to stay. Auroville is a tale of sustainability, spirituality, harmony, innovation and participation. Oh! And we almost forgot! Participants on this Auroville day trip will be invited by Aurovillians to lunch at their one-of-a-kind community solar kitchen!


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