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auroville deepdive

Auroville Deepdive

Auroville Deepdive – An Auroville Day Trip

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Auroville’s many projects are plentiful to engage a traveler for days on end. As a result, we offer an add-on tour in the form of Auroville Deepdive for those that have participated in ‘Auroville Impressions’ and want to delve deeper in the realms of this contemporary community.
The highlight of the day will be a meditation session in the ‘Matrimandir.’ This tour also facilitates deeper interactions, visits to even more initiatives related to organic farming, forestry, and first hand-interactive sessions with the communities that run these projects. Many questions that might occur during the Impressions tour will be answered in more detail here.
Note: This trip is open only as an extension to the Auroville Impressions tour and guests can participate on this tour only if they have participated in the Impressions tour.



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