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conscious farm

Conscious Farm – Matrikunj!

Conscious Farm


A few miles outside of Ponidcherry lies ‘Matrikunj’, which translates to ‘The Mother’s Garden’. This 43-acre land is a research project on conscious & natural farming. Within a decade, a land that lay in a dismal state of distress was transformed into an ecosystem of natural farming surrounded by a wholesome forest. The Society cultivates 10 acres of the land with fruits, vegetables & medicinal plants. The rest of the land is allowed to flourish naturally in the company of the forest’s natural inhabitants.

Matrikunj is a unique initiative in the direction of encouraging humanity to use natural agricultural practices. Its broad objective is that of a conscious and harmonious future. This visit to Conscious Farm gives visitors an insight into non-intrusive farming practices, herbal medicines, seed preservation and a lesson in developing a strong consciousness with the land. We believe that this visit will help guests re-discover themselves, cultivating the real joy of farming from within.



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