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Agra – A Mughal Memory

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The Taj Mahal’s presence has placed the city of Agra firmly in the minds of travellers the world over. The city served as the Mughal Empire’s seat of rule for over a century. What remains of it today is the splendour and grandeur of the many works of art and architecture created during that time. In addition to the famed Taj and Agra Fort, there are many more historical monuments to see in Agra. These structures are unique owing to the different architectural and cultural influences intertwined within them. Agra is home to Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims who still follow the old ways of doing things, and live lives of an era gone by. Festivals and fairs, bazaars and a peek into the colours of North India await the our travellers on our Agra day trips.


Agra is a booming tourist town. Its geographic location makes it a great stop for making day trips to nearby spots like the Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary and the Mughal city of Fatehpur Sikri. Gwalior and Jhansi, medieval cities of India, can be visited as a day trip by train. The Chambal river valley is a must-do for birders and nature lovers – a trip that can also be accomplished in one night.


Our Agra Day Trip cover most of Agra’s architectural wonders & its ever-present Mughal influence. We also offer day trips in and around Agra that allow for a more deeper understanding of the rich history of these lands.

Agra Day Trips

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