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Agra Food Trail

Lunch Like a Local – Agra Food Trail

Lunch Like A Local – Agra Food Trail

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Getting to experience a home cooked meal is not part of the usual tourist to do list. This tour offers you a unique opportunity to visit the home of an Agra local to learn about the local food and food culture, watch the meal being prepared (and even participate in the cooking if you’d like to). You’ll first walk through a local food market along with your Food Guide, where you will get to see and learn about the fruits, vegetables and seasonal produce that abound in Agra’s markets. You will get a chance to familiarize yourself with the ingredients common to North Indian meals. Your guide will also discuss the common practices, taboos and rules that traditionally govern the preparation and eating of food in India, and the regional and religious influences on cuisine.
Following our walk through the bazaar walk, we will visit a Hindu home for an interactive cooking session – this is a home cooked (traditional vegetarian “thali” meal) with a home chef, not with a professional chef. Feel free to ask questions, take pictures, note down the recipes and participate in the cooking. The basic staple is North India is wheat, and a typical meal will feature breads made of unleavened wheat, accompanied by vegetable-based dishes, dal, salads, pickles, papad and dessert.


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