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Bazaar Walk Old Agra

Bazaar Walk Old Agra | Agra Day Trips

Bazaar Walk in Old Agra

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A bazaar walk in old Agra is a great chance to mingle with locals. Take in all the colours and smells and witness the old ways of life. The bazaar area around Jama Masjid is a traditional market which will appeal to all of your senses and leave you enchanted.
Take a step back from the monuments and architectural marvels. Instead, take a peak into the lives by the inhabitants of these streets since times long gone-by. Spices scent the air and women haggle over bangles and sarees. Worshippers offer prayers at small shrines along the road while vendors sell sweetmeats, chai and spicy fried snacks. This is also a perfect chance to get your hands on some old world arts and crafts as you make your way through the bazaars.


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