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Why travel with The Blue Yonder?

responsible travel

“Creating better places for people to live and to visit”

We design responsible travel experiences that reveal truth about the places you visit. Our holidays provide meaningful encounter with local people. Most vitally, we ensure our visits benefit those we meet.

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cultural travel

The destinations we choose to work in follow our mission to create better places for people to live and for people to visit. We co-create travel encounters with local communities. We choose to work in areas rich in history, culture, heritage & character to deliver cultural & responsible travel encounters.

Day Activities

eco tourism

Our Day Activities are aimed at travelers that enjoy the freedom of exploring at their own pace. We attempt to bring local interaction and age-old heritage, handicrafts & cultures to such travellers through flexible day activities, a few hours to a full-day long in duration.

Short Stays


Our Short Breaks aim at discovery, local interaction, secret getaways and interpretation of heritage & wildlife. We combine modern comforts with cultural travel encounters into crisp 2-3 day adventures.

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