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Mumbai – The City of Dreams

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Every day, hundreds of thousands flock to arguably one of the world’s greatest cities. Some in search of a livelihood, many others chasing a dream. Mumbai is the financial capital of India and aptly known as the City of Dreams. A metropolitan, cosmopolitan city, home to millions that belong to different faiths, different classes & beliefs, Mumbai is an experience in itself. Experience the fabled spirit of this resilient city and taste its mouth-smacking street food. Experience the serene sound of waves breaking on stone at one of its many coastal boulevards – bang in the midst of a busy city. Enjoy its vibrant nightlife and its colourful bazaars. Discover the city’s journey from British Bombay to contemporary Mumbai and more through our Mumbai day trips.  

One doesn’t always have the luxury of exploring a city over a week or two, but does that mean you can’t get the flavour in a day or half day? Though it is difficult to entirely absorb the essence of this place in a short time, thankfully, we have a wide range of trips that can at least attempt to give you a stirring introduction to Mumbai. The frantic pace of the city can be overwhelming for a tourist and the list of things to see & experience is endless. Unfortunately, your time probably isn’t! So, what appeals the most to you? A trip around the historic heritage parts of the city? Or would you be more interested in taking a look at Mumbai’s fabled coastline and its fishing settlements? How about a food walk to experience some local delicacies? Or if Art is more your scene, we can arrange a walking tour through Kala Ghoda – the city’s art capital. We’re also happy to customise the trip according to your personal interest, comforts & requirements. Drop us a line at

Mumbai Day Trips