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The Blue Yonder Associates is the consulting arm of The Blue Yonder. It is rooted in the principles of responsible tourism as stated by the Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism in Destinations. The Blue Yonder employs design thinking, digital marketing, responsible practices and consultative local participation in all its endeavours. In tandem with the spirit of conscious travel, we encourage diversity and are relentlessly in the pursuit of value and meaning for the travel industry. At The Blue Yonder, we measure success, along with other indices, by the benefit it brings to the host community.

In the wake of climate change, people have begun to recognize that “what is good for the planet and the people is also good for the long term bottom line”. Businesses are moving towards becoming greener and more responsible. With the changing values of the consumer and the investor, the tourism business has been flooded with initiatives like eco-tourism, the local travel movement, indigenous tourism, philanthropic travel and the like. “Even in the recession, the conscious consumer believes that it is important to make choices based on environmental and social benefits.”

The Blue Yonder Associates is a frontrunner in providing options for the new conscious consumer. We believe that content and context changes everything and are willing to go the extra mile to provide customized options. We help design culturally immersive and experiential products and services. We understand that each destination has a unique cultural identity and support its translation into authentic yet innovative experiences for travellers. We study the industry landscape to provide information that is relevant and suits our clients’ immediate needs.

Our approach of “co-creation, collaboration and crowd sourcing” ensures that the ‘right’ products are marketed to the ‘right’ audience. We consider it our job to find ways and means which can help design, create and build solutions which will result in greater sustainability in our client’s business. Our triple bottom line solutions are geared towards ensuring that client goals and objectives are met.

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