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The Blue Yonder specialises in immersive & cultural travel experiences. Our travel encounters revolve around developing a model that facilitates fascinating local interaction. We strive to ensure an exposure to authentic cultural nuances. Our visits & programs are co-created with the communities we support. Our visits act as a source of alternative income for them. These programs aim to create a sense of ownership & pride amongst the communities, while simultaneously delivering life-changing, authentic cultural exchanges for travellers. Naturally, each destination we work in is chosen based on a different checklist! Like we often love to repeat in our conversations – our destinations aren’t always the prettiest places in the world. They are those that are rich in culture & art. They have character & history! Culture & tradition! Folklore & stories! They are those under real threat of sliding into oblivion without the resources to facilitate preservation. Every destination we work in is handpicked in this manner. We then aim to “create better places for people to live in & for people to visit” through our experiences.

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