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The Blue Yonder’s homeland! Discover vibrant living culture along the River Nila, sail on silent..   Pink palaces, golden forts, blue cities and glowing turbans. Breathe in all the colours of India on a journey.   Mountains and monasteries, wild rivers and welcoming smiles. Experience Himalayan culture and adventure at its best on a journey to the amazing Spiti Valley.
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About The Blue Yonder

The Blue Yonder as set up as a travel company focusing on responsible tourism in a small village in Central Kerala in India in 2004. Probably one of the first few in the country to position a travel business based on triple bottomline responsibility, our idea was to use tourism as a tool for sustainable development. We created inspiring and meaningful travel based on the river Nila (Bharatapuzha), which was struggling to maintain its past glory as a thread that wove lives and traditions in an ageless manner sustaining a unique civilisation.

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“Such a work of art! It was a great experience to float along the vast backwaters and then cruising through narrow canals.”

— Salam Albana

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