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Udaipur Day Trips

Udaipur – The Lake City

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The Rajput Mewar kings withstood invasions from Mughal kings and the British over the centuries and retained their kingdom – Udaipur is the capital of this kingdom, a city renowned for its palaces and lakes, referred to as “Lake City” and “Venice of the East”. The Aravalli Hills surround the city, and the very air is steeped in history, culture and beauty. Udaipur is also a major art center, famed for the Mewar School of miniature paintings.


Our Udaipur Day Trips offer a range of activities that enable travellers to connect with the people of Udaipur and the majestic Aravalli Hills around the city. There are several sites of historic and archaeological importance in and around Udaipur that will have you enchanted during your time in Rajasthan’s most romantic city!

Udaipur Day Trips