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old walled city of jaipur

The Old Walled City of Jaipur Beckons

The Old Walled City of Jaipur Beckons

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Jaipur’s old city is surrounded by a wall, and can be accessed through seven different entrance gates. Old historical landmarks and the subtle signs of modernity co-exist side by side. You can take in the entire inner old city and also experience the daily life of its present day subjects, as you walk through the markets and spice-scented streets. Chai stalls, sweetmeat and spicy local delicacy selling stalls, sarees, bangles, traditional artisans and handicraft shops around every corner. There will be ample opportunity for travellers to pause and shop for souvenirs that take their fancy.

During the weddings & festival season, streets are a riot of colour and chaos as people and processions wind through them. We will tailor the itinerary and pace of the tour for you based on your requirement and comfort. The old walled city of Jaipur can be explored through a combination of rickshaw and on foot.


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