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Malleswaram Food Trail

The Malleswaram Food Trail

The Malleswaram Food Trail

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Malleswaram is an old residential and market area, home to Tamil and Kannada speaking families of long standing. The Malleswaram Food Trail essentially is a walk through the market. A good way to look into the traditional, vegetarian fare of South Indian Brahmin cuisine, including street foods. Aside from food, clothing, kitchen implements and a lot more can be bought. The tour starts at Kaadu Malleswara temple, Malleswaram’s patron deity. Our local foodie & storyteller will take you on an exploration of the market and its culinary offerings and explain the various ingredients and foods you come across. You will encounter shops selling fruits and vegetables, spice powders, coffee, papads, ghee, pickles and condiments. You will also stop by a few eateries to sample local snacks both sweet and savoury – depending on the time of year and the current festive season, certain seasonal specials will be on offer too.


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