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Mysore day trip

The Maharajas of Mysore Day Trip

The Maharajas of Mysore Day Trip

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We will take a day trip to Mysore, which is about 3 hours away from Bangalore (depending on traffic could be more), to take in the highlights of this Kingdom city, one of the wealthy Deccan kingdoms of yore. The Wodeyars are the founding family and rulers, and Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan ruled for two generations, also contributing to the splendor of the city. With a strong appreciation for art, culture and music, the influence of the Wodeyars is apparent even today. Though there is plenty to see in the city, we will cover the following during our day long visit, with a stop for lunch at the Royal Orchid Metropole.

  • A visit to Chamundi Hills to see the Chamundi Temple dedicated to the city’s patron deity, Chamundeshwari.
  • Mysore Palace, which has the official name of Amba Vilas Palace, still the official residence of the erstwhile rulers of Mysore, the Wodeyars.
  • Devaraja Market and the Chikka Ghadiyara clock tower: Devaraja Market is one of Mysore’s busiest thoroughfares, and you will see people going about their daily market and shopping. Fruits, vegetables, flowers, traditional household items and lots more. The market boasts around 800 traders in all! Chikka Ghadiyara translates from Kannada as “small clock” and is the local name for the Dufferin Clock Tower (named in honor of the visit by the then British Viceroy of India, Lord Dufferin) located at one end of the market.
  • The District Collectorate Office, Mysore University, Oriental Institute and nearby college campuses: See the British influences in these buildings in the city and see the humming student life of Mysore, known for its universities.



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