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Jayanagar Photowalk

The Jayanagar Photowalk

The Jayanagar Photowalk

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Like to photograph people going about their daily lives? Enjoy a profusion of color, the confusion of a bustling market? Then join a local photo journalist on a Jayanagar photowalk. Your storyteller will lead you on an exploration of Jayanagar, a vast, old, multi-cultural neighborhood in South Bangalore. Jayanagar has the distinction of being the first planned neighborhood in post-Independence Bangalore. A medley of Hindu, Muslim and Jain communities and their places of worship can be seen in the area, alongside residential streets and the bustling 4th Block Market. A survey in 2010 voted Jayanagar as the best place to live in Bangalore. You’ll spend time at the flower market, fruit market, vegetable market and puja/prayer-items market. This is a slow paced tour, so you can get as many photographs as you’d like.


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