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Humans of Mumbai

The Humans of Mumbai – People of Bombay

The Humans of Mumbai – People of Bombay

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It’s a common belief that Mumbai’s greatest treasure is its great diversity of people. Many that have come to the city in search of a livelihood or chasing a dream and have made the city their home. This has led to an ever-changing fuse of multi-cultural dynamics in the city’s psyche. Experience these riches of Mumbai’s diverse people and culture of Kolis, Parsis, Jews, Christians, Muslims that coexist in harmony through the Humans of Mumbai trip.
Begin with the daily lives of the Kolis,the oldest fishing community & the original inhabitants of Mumbai. In fact, the name Mumbai comes from ‘Mumba’, the deity of the Kolis.
We will then drive to Colaba to see the Parsis, the Zoroastrian inhabitants of Mumbai, whose presence in India dates back more than ten centuries. The distinct culture of the Parsis has had a big influence on Mumbai’s culture and any exploration of Mumbai’s society would be incomplete without them.
Mumbai also has active Christian and Muslim communities in addition to the predominant Hindu populace, and we can capture a glimpse of their culture and identity over a visit.


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