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Mumbai Jewish Heritage Tour

Jewish Heritage Tour | Mumbai Day Trips

The Jewish Heritage Tour

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Be enriched by the rich history of the old Jewish community, whose presence in India dates back to over 2000 years ago. The Jewish community in India is quite diverse with different sects practicing a different set of customs and rituals. Your local storyteller will give you glimpses of the local Jewish customs.
The tour will start with the Sassoon docks, which was built by an influential family of Bhagdadi Jews. If you are able to start early in the morning, we will be able to see the docks bustling with activity as the day’s catch is brought in and sold. The walk through the docks will also introduce you to Mumbai’s oldest fisherfolk community the Kolis, who have been fishing off the shores of Maharashtra for generations.
Next we will visit the historical Gateway of India, the Fort Heritage and the Kala Ghoda Districts where we will see the beautifully built Kenneseth Eliyahoo Synagogue and the David Sassoon Library. The Shaar Harahamim or the Gate of Mercy Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in Mumbai, would be our next stop, followed by a visit to the Magen David Synagogue and the Sassoon Children’s school.
Bringing you back to India of current times, we will visit the Victoria Terminus, a UNESCO World heritage site, Bombay Muncipal Building, Haji Ali, the unique mosque in the sea, and the fascinating Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai’s famous outdoor laundry system. You may also ask the guide to take you to Crawford Market, where you can find Hindu, Muslim and Jain businessmen along with the Jewish businessmen who form Mumbai’s business community.
We will also visit the Tippereth Israel synagogue of the Bene Israelis and the Magen Hassidim if feasible. The tour will also take us through Marine Drive, High Court, Bombay University, Asiatic Library and Mani Bhavan which was Gandhi’s home in Mumbai.
Tour Details: This is a full day tour of approximately 8 hours, including lunch.


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