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Ganga Aarti

Ganga Aarti & Evening Bazaar Walk

Ganga Aarti & Evening Bazaar Walk

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Varanasi’s by lanes are as intricate a part of the city’s culture as its temples. Winding alleys are home to myriad markets, each with a specialty from metalware, fabrics, sweetmeats, handicrafts, decorative items, temple items, bangles and more.  An afternoon walk about and rickshaw ride are the best ways to see this side of the city.
The Ganga Aarti & Evening Bazaar Walk begins at the Town Hall. You’ll walk through a brightly arrayed fabric and saree market to visit a Goshala (a charitable sanctuary for stray cows). Here you’ll learn why the cows are holy to the people of this land. Witness the royal treatment of Varanasi’s bovine populace. A cycle-rickshaw ride thought the city markets will bring you to Chowk, from where you’ll take a walk through:

  • The wedding market (Kinari Bazaar)
  • Kachori Galli (kachori lane, kachoris are popular and delicious deep-fried snacks)
  • Khoa Galli (this lane sells milk products including paneer)
  • Vishwanath Galli (Varanasi’s most famous lane and street market)

You’ll arrive at Dasashwamedh Ghat in time to see the flamboyant evening Ganga Aarti (prayer) ceremony performed by a group of young priests with much pomp and circumstance. This is bound to be one experience that will go on to define your holiday to India.


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