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flavours of rajasthan

Flavours of Rajasthan

Flavours of Rajasthan

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Join us as we venture into a traditional Rajasthani home to explore the many flavours of Rajasthan. Food in India varies from state to state, region to region and even within the region, each subculture and religion adds its unique touches. Cuisines developed based on local produce and availability of ingredients – the style of cooking, presentation and tastes are thus very varied, changing along with the landscape.
In the case of Rajasthani food, the paucity of water in the harsh desert clime meant that there was a focus on using less water for cooking, having foods that could be kept for a long duration, and which were high in nutrition. Rajasthani cuisine is predominantly vegetarian, but given the limited number of vegetables that are easily available, milk, buttermilk and other milk products as well as pulses and millets are integral parts. This tour is about experiencing home cooking at a Rajasthani household, and learning about the food culture, and if you’re interested, participating in the cooking as you are given the demo of an entire meal. You will get to witness, up close, a traditional Indian household and kitchen’s workings.
Your food guide will walk you through a local market to learn about the ingredients and fundamentals of Rajasthani cooking, before you head to your local host’s home for the meal. For those who want to experience Jaipur’s street food, your food guide will explain the delicacies and you can taste whatever takes your fancy.


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