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Elephanta Caves

Day Trip to Elephanta Caves

Lalbaug Spice Market & Bhau Daji Laud Museum

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The Elephanta Caves are a World Heritage Site with evocative stone sculptures depicting various legends of Lord Shiva just off the coast of mainland Mumbai. The name Elephanta was given to the island by the Portuguese, who named it after a stone elephant they found at the place where they first landed. Dating back to around the 5th-8th centuries, the Elephanta caves are a splendid example of Indian rock-cut sculpture & architecture. The entire temple has been hewn from rock, including the courtyard, pillars and sculptures.
Elephanta is just off the coast of the busy center of Mumbai and an hour’s boat ride from the Gateway of India will get you to the island.
Each year, the Elephanta Dance Festival is held in February to commemorate the living heritage of Indian art. Renowned talented dancers and musicians perform in front of the caves, in the open air. Special catering and other services are provided for visitors during this festival.
Tour Details: Available all days of the week except Monday. The tour is not available from June to September.The tour will start at the Gateway of India at 9:00am and will take 4 to 5 hours.


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