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chor bazaar mumbai

Chor Bazaar – The Market of Thieves

Chor Bazaar – The Market of Thieves

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From functional to bizarre, genuine to junk, Mumbai’s famous Chor Bazaar is a place where you can get anything under the sun! To name a few – brassware, ceramics, handicrafts, glass lamps, clocks, gramophones, old maps, paintings, dowry chests to coffee tables, rocking chairs. The Market of Thieves follows no rules, except one – if you want to buy something, bargaining is a must! No wonder, its a paradise of compulsive shoppers! And those wary of shopping, can still feel entertained just gazing at the endless varieties of things on display.
If you ever manage to tire of Chor Bazaar, you walk to the neighboring GolDeoul with its circular Shiva temple and Null Bazaar, the marketplace for fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Those curious and friendly, can chat with the fisher folks who are original fishing community of Mumbai, the Kolis or gain an inside look into the lives of the Bohras, a minority Shia Muslim community.The tour will also provide you an opportunity to taste the authentic and delicious Muslim cooking first-hand.
Tour Details: Tour is available everyday of the week except Fridays. There are two sessions beginning at 11am or 3pm. Each tour runs around 2 hours even though if folks get carried away with shopping, it could run longer!


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