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Assam Valley

Assam Valley & Arunachal Pradesh | India

Assam Valley & Arunachal Pradesh

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The Eastern states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are an untouched haven. By virtue of being relatively remote & inaccessible, they are away from the regular tourist traps. The Assam Valley & Arunachal Pradesh trip is customised to focus on the indigenous communities of the north-east. The trip takes you through the rainforest valleys and into the tribal villages of its ancient inhabitants. Interact with these communities and understand their minimalistic lifestyle, in harmony with the lands they inhabit. Experience their vibrant culture and a wide range of folk arts.


  1. Explore Majuli – the largest river island in the world and a cultural hotspot of the north-east
  2. Jungle Tour in the Pakke Tiger Reserve
  3. Meet & Interact with the Apatanis – considered the most well settled indigenous tribe of Arunachal Pradesh
  4. Live amongst the Adi Gallong Tribal Community in Basar Valley.
  5. Spend a night in a Heritage Bungalow in the midst of a tea-plantation.


Our Program

Majuli (2 Days)

From Delhi, embark upon a flight to the tea capital of Assam - Jorhat, and transfer immediately to Nemaitighat from whence, you will take a ferry to Majuli Island. Majuli is cultural hot spot where Guru Shankar Deva had first introduced the monastic order in Vaishnovism. Majuli – considered to be the largest river island in the world has several ancient monasteries that still practice the monastic school of Satriya dance form and religious activities. The island is already threatened due to constant erosion caused by the changing course of Brahmaputra and is short-listed by UNESCO as a future World Heritage Site. Overnight at Guest House.

After a good night's rest, your next day will be filled with cultural and village experiences in Majuli (on foot and bicycle) including a local lunch in a Mishing tribal village. Overnight at Guest House.

Pakke Tiger Reserve (2 Days)

Early next morning, travel to Pakke Tiger Reserve in East Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh. Inhabited by the colorful Nyishi tribe, Pakke is a pristine habitat and a host to rare fauna and four species of Hornbill. Here the Nyishi community has shown an outstanding example of community participation in conservation to safeguard their natural heritage. Overnight at Pakke Junge Camp.

Rise early next morning for a jungle tour and a village experience in Pakke. Overnight at Pakke Jungle Camp.

Apatani Valley (2 Days)

The next day, embark upon a 7 hour drive to Ziro in the great Apatani plateau. Apatanis are perhaps the most well settled of the indigenous tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh who have stayed behind and chosen to practice old tradition and customs as way of life even after the British left their land. Moving from a hunter-gatherer lifestyle to a more settled agricultural economy, harnessing the murmuring river Subansiri, the Apatanis live in perfect harmony with nature - for every tree they fell, five fresh saplings are planted. The Apatanis are appreciated for their long conservation tradition and their legendary skill and knowledge of weaving. The Apatani valley has been short-listed as one of the most prominent sites to be included in the future UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Overnight at village Home stay or at a small Hotel.

Your next day will revolve around village and cultural experiences. Overnight at village Home stay in Ziro.

Basar Valley

We drive for 6 hours on the next day for a transit halt at Daporijo en route Basar Valley. Overnight at Hotel.

On the next morning, we continue our journey to Basar valley where we will stay for 02 nights to mingle with the Adi Gallong tribal community and enjoy their hospitality, local food and culture. Overnight at village Home stay or camping in the village.

Pasighat - Dibrughar

Begin the 10th day of your journey with a drive to Passighat where you have the rest of the day at your disposal to explore at leisure. Overnight at hotel or Home stay.

The next morning, we make the short ferry ride across the notorious Brahmaputra river to Dibrugarh. Overnight at Heritage Tea Bungalow in the middle of a tea plantation. Enjoy an excellent Bihu cultural celebration in the evening followed by a traditional Assamese fish dinner with local recipes.

On the last day, transfer to Dibrugarh airport for onward journey.



Please note that the above is a sample itinerary for a 12 day trip to Assam & Arunachal Pradesh. We design each trip according to your personal calendar, wishes & needs.


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