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mudiyettu & kerala craft trail

Mudiyettu & Kerala Craft Trail

Mudiyettu & Kerala Craft Trail

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After the harvest of the summer crop, villagers congregate to the local temple on an appointed day. What follows is a breathtaking rendition of ritualistic dance-drama based on the mythological tale of a battle between the Goddess Kali (of death and destruction) and the demon Darika. Known as the Mudiyettu, this ancient ritual is a dynamic art form, performed using vivid colors, percussion and deep baritones. The Mudiyettu serves as an important cultural site for transmission of traditional values, ethics, moral codes and aesthetic norms of the community, to the next generation, thereby ensuring its continuity and relevance in present times. The Mudiyettu, declared as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, is slowly slipping into oblivion.
The Kerala Craft and Ritual Trail take travellers deep into local communities and introduce them to countless such rituals and crafts! These trails also help us provide the communities with the resources required to preserve age-old rituals and generate a sense of pride and ownership amongst them.


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