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Andaman Discoveries

<h1>Andaman Discoveries</h1>

This video was featured at the ITB Berlin responsible tourism networking day 11 March 2011.
Andaman Discoveries, a leader in sustainable travel in Thailand, allows visitors and volunteers to directly support community education, village-led conservation, and cultural empowerment.

Are you interested in seeing a different type of Thailand? Ready to take a detour from the tourist circuit? Andaman Discoveries allows visitors to experience the traditional culture and ecology of rural coastal Thailand. Just a few hours north of Phuket, you can experience a true cultural exchange. We offer several village tours, including cultural tours, family tours, and hands-on tours. Each of their village tours contains a diverse mix of cultural exchange, ecological, and handicraft-making activities. Their tours are designed for everybody, regardless of age or ability, including mature and single travelers.

In addition to village tours and homestays, they can also arrange long-term volunteering placements and study tours, and can book tours to Koh Surin National Park and regional cultural and ecotourism programs.

Andaman Discoveries began as a relief NGO in the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami. Following the initial crisis response, the organization transitioned into community and livelihood development, training villagers in English, computer, and leadership skills. Andaman Discoveries continues to support these villages through responsible travel and handicraft sales.

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