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A La Craft – Interactive Skills

A La Craft – Interactive Skills

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The communities spread along the banks of River Nila are anything but shy when it comes to skilled handiwork and craftsmanship! Be it pottery, handlooms, weaving, or bell-metal craftsmanship, the skill of these communities in unparalleled.

Through our visits to the pottery, handicrafts and bell-metal workshops, we will present travelers a rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to engage in interactive sessions with some of the most skilled artisans of these lands. Travelers will also have the option of rubbing shoulders with these artisans and trying their hand with clay on the ever-rotating wheel!

Our visits to these workshops is an acknowledgemenet of the efforts to rehabilitate and preserve the age-old craftsmanship of these villages. Our visits expand knowledge about the program and provide them financial support.



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