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Storytellers Network

This is an initiative to identify local story tellers who are passionate, knowledgeable and seek information about their locality. Their interests vary from legends to folklore to history to current affairs. They are people with specific interest in art, crafts or biodiversity, to name a few. These story tellers are identified through crowd-sourcing campaigns, both online and offline.

Story tellers could be students, teachers, policemen, lawyers, housewives, electricians or plumbers! It doesn’t matter who they are, but what matters is how passionate and knowledgeable they are about their area. The knack to converse effectively in English is a must. Currently they hold meetings twice a month to share new stories collected, and they will soon be working closely with the Open Street Map communities.

Initiatives are functioning informally in rural Kerala and Pondicherry and are assisting our travellers in multiple travel experiences including Pokkali and Heritage Walks.

Meet our Storytellers