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Cradled in the lap of the mighty Himalayas, lies Sikkim – a tiny state with a mighty spirit. Sikkim is so remote, that the closest airport is more than a 4-hour drive away. The frontier state is dominated by mountains and a lingering Buddhist influence. Its population is an interesting mix of the indigenous Lepchas, Nepalese, Bhutia, Tibetan & Burmese. Dotted by monasteries, it has centuries worth of culture & heritage to be explored.

Our Sikkim Vacations attempt to take travellers deep into the secrets of Sikkim. Visit its remote monasteries and experience the lifestyle of its wise monks. Rumour has it many of these monasteries are accompanied by a legend, waiting to be uncovered. Embark upon a quest to discover many rare species of animals. The elusive snow-leopard and the vulnerable red-panda call the Khangchendzonga National Park home. Visit the indigenous communities of Sikkim and experience first-hand their daily life. Witness some wonderful community-based projects.

Take back memories of the fabled Mayel Lyang (or promised land) through one of our Sikkim vacations.

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