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My Sabbatical

It is because of such a sabbatical journey that The Blue Yonder turned into a deeper journey, one that we continue to be on. One fine day, our founder Gopi just moved to Pondicherry. He stayed in a guest house for three months and cycled 40 kms a day, practiced Kalaripayattu twice a day, walked one new street every day and kept his mind open to all new discoveries. He met nomads, saints and random astrologers on the road. He was initiated into Kriya yoga by a stranger who told him all about his past. And the story went on. He says, “In the 10 years until then, I had not taken one day off purposely. However, the break I took and how intensely I took it made all the difference later in my life. Keeping our minds open and having the ability to surrender connects us to many frequencies that we don’t even realise exist in our surroundings.”