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Folk Expressions

This was started in partnership with the folk group Vayali in Arangottukkara in 2006. The initial idea was to provide a platform for local folk artists to revive many art forms which had gone into oblivion. The young group went around villages to document art forms from older generations, practise them and get an attentive audience from international responsible tourists. The small initiative has now turned into one of the largest digital archives of folk music and local knowledge from the three districts of Malappuram, Thrissur and Palakkad. The initial four member group has now grown into more than 40 active volunteers, including a separate ‘junior’ team who are involved in documenting and promoting local folk art forms. Responsible tourism for Vayali is also an excellent supplementary source of income that helps its members pursue their passion for folk art-forms. Our tourism activities also provide opportunities for various people to highlight their livelihood options and for our travellers to enjoy extraordinary travel experiences.
The way our network is designed, Vayali as a group has been influential in replicating initiatives that we have launched or been associated with elsewhere including setting up palliative care unit as well as working towards sustainable waste management and eco-restoration through diverse but indigenous tree planting (Travellers’ forest)

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