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kerala river cruise

Kerala River Cruise on The Nila in a Thoni

Kerala River Cruise on The Nila in a Thoni

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The dynamics of River Nila are complex and precarious. A vibrant and thriving bunch of communities flourished around its banks for centuries. Yet, the strain of fast-changing economics and lack of sustainable sources of income was threatening to ruin the fine balance between nature and humans in this wonderful ecosystem.
The Kerala River Cruises on Nila are held on-board the local ‘thoni’ boats. They are guided by oarsmen from the local communities. These cruises act as a source of alternative, supplementary source of income for these people. Many of the oarsmen were otherwise engaged in disruptive practices such as mining sand illegally from the river bed for lack of income sources.
Join us on a cruise aboard the Thoni, in the company of these natural storytellers. Meander along the course of this beautiful river and look at life in the villages along its bank from a distance!



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