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Gopirajan Mahalingam

Gopi was born and brought up in the Auroville International community near Pondicherry. A natural story teller, Gopi found us when he was on a break last year, trying to discover what he wanted to do instead of working as a visual communicator. We heard about him from common friends who kept saying we had to meet “this Gopi who talks your same language and whose vision is to bring out the beauty of Auroville to the outside world while ensuring that Auroville opens up to innovative sustainability practices from elsewhere. There can’t be a better marriage”. This interaction resulted in him setting up a travel unit called ‘Payanam’ within Auroville, nurtured by us at The Blue Yonder, where he wants to use tourism as a powerful tool for social change. Gopi is an excellent photographer and is passionate about ‘Earth Healing’. He wants to replicate The Blue Yonder model of doing business in different parts of the world.