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Dr. Suresh Kumar

Often called the poor man’s doctor, the man who introduced the world to community-based palliative care, Dr. Suresh has been closely associated with The Blue Yonder since inception. After years of being at the helm of palliative care movement in Kerala, he joined The Blue Yonder board as a Director in charge of our Social Initiatives. While continuing to be involved in spreading palliative care to the least developed and developing countries of the world, Dr. Suresh’s focus is to scale-up and replicate The Blue Yonder way of business, where we use tourism as a tool for development. For the rest of us at The Blue Yonder, it’s an honour to have him on board especially considering that the 4Cs of Collaboration, Co-Creation, Consultation and Crowd-Sourcing that we hold close in our model came from the social enterprise model he promoted in the last 20 years.