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The Blue Yonder is a part of ‘Design-Thinking’ session at the Global Summit in partnership with Travel+SocialGood and United Nations Foundation on 12/13 May 2016 at New York.


The agenda of the Global Summit will focus on talks led by Ambassadors representing member states concerned with sustainable tourism, followed by design-thinking activations led by The GREEN Program
Through a mix of talks and activations centered around the main design-thinking session, the goal is to conclude the 2016 Summit with a realistic roadmap to push the travel industry toward its potential as a catalyst for positive impact: the Travel Sustainable Development Goals.

Some confirmed leaders include:


  • Ambassadors from the United Nations: Representing some of the nations who pushed for 2017 as the UN Year of Sustainable Travel
  • Pierre Daigneault: Chief Sustainability Officer & Executive Director at Clean the World Canada
  • Jack Ezon: President at Ovation Vacation
  • Martha Honey: Executive Director at the Center for Responsible Travel
  • Pam Inman: President at NTA
  • Rainer Jenss: Founder and President of Family Travel Association
  • Bryan Kinkade: Publisher at AFAR
  • Tom Marchant: Founder of Black Tomato
  • Danny Marx: Director of Engagement at Hostelling International
  • Mary Mazzoni: Senior Editor at TriplePundit
  • Dr. Antonia Neubauer: President at Myths & Mountains
  • Sven Olof-Lindblad: President & CEO at Lindblad Expeditions
  • Gopinath Parayil: Founder & Chief Executive at The Blue Yonder
  • Anna Pollock: Founder at Conscious.Travel
  • Nyla Rodgers: Founder & CEO at Mama Hope
  • Kathy Stewart: Director, Trip Planning at Butterfield & Robinson
  • Orit Strauss: Founder of GivingWay
  • Sue Stephenson: Vice Chair, Executive Committee, IMPACT 2030
  • Arnie Weissmann: Editor In Chief at Travel Weekly
  • Norie Quintos: Editor at Large at National Geographic Travel
  • John Yonce: Director of Advancement and Engagement at Tourism Cares
  • Justine Abigail Yu: Marketing & Communications Director at Operation Groundswell


About “Design-Thinking”:

“Spearheaded by Tim Brown, CEO & President of IDEO and Roger Martin, renowned author, dean, and business mogul, design thinking serves to encourage creativity, innovation, and adaption in the marketplace, elements of business that many larger organizations lack. Because of this, it is the reality that the majority of corporations are unable to meet the needs of their clients due to an evident lack of creativity and authentic empathy & understanding of their desires.”


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