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Map for Nepal

Map for Nepal

We all want to help fellow human beings in distress. This becomes an emotional engagement especially when we are connected to the people and places. Nepal is a soft-power in the sense of the connection it instills in people. When the Earth Quake hit Nepal in April 2015, we reached out to our colleagues and partners in Nepal. Like many others, they were reeling under immense shock and we chocked few plans on how to help from a distance. Seeing the eagerness all over the world to help without sensing the ground realities, we put together this note on what one can and shouldn’t be doing. We have been involved in Open Street Mapping for last two years and know the power of crowd-sourced information. We sent out another manual as a step step by instructions on how to help Nepal through mapping from a distance. We are partnering with Ground Truth Initiative, Mapbox Bangalore to support Kathmandu Living Labs and rest of volunteers at Humanitarian Open Street Map team. Check for updates on our blog to see how mapping initiative is helping volunteers, disaster managers and government agencies to work efficiently.