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Foot ball world cup in Kerala?

<h1>Foot ball world cup in Kerala?</h1>

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If you are not travelling to South Africa to be part of the FIFA worldcup festival, then there is only another destination that you might want to travel to. That is Malabar region of Kerala. Known for its love for foot ball, the two districts of Malappuram and Calicut has no match in its devotion for the game. As one of our travellers exclaimed, “Looking at what I have been witnessing in the last two days, I really doubt if we have such a feverish celebrations even in France for the world cup!”

Well, it’s true. There is nothing that can be compared to this devotion to football. Listen to this migrant worker from Ras al khaima ( UAE) “for last 26 years that I have spent in the Gulf, I haven’t missed a single ‘world cup’.” He has been ensuring that his work-schedule and annual leave are adjusted in a way that he can join his friends in Tirur who are ardent fans of Argentina. They pool money together and purchase large TV screens , some even run projectors and this year we hear, movie theatres are getting prepared for live screenings of popular matches!

Find out more here on how you can join us in this celebration. Responsible tourism and world cup celebrations. Recipe can’t get any better. Join us !!


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