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Mumbai Bazaar Walk

Mumbai Bazaar Walk | Mumbai Day Trips

The Mumbai Bazaar Walk


The bazaars of Mumbai are a colourful, fascinating place full of energy and life. If you want to experience the street markets, colourful people and vibrant fusion of different cultures with temples, mosques and derasars next to each other, then the native bazaar of Bhuleshwar is a must see. The Mumbai Bazaar walk will cover Jama Masjid where you can meet the oldest Muslim community of India, Zaveri Bazaar for the gold lovers, Mangaldas Cloth Market, Phool Galli (Flower Street), Madhav Baug and the place where Mumbai gets its name from – Mumbaidevi Temple. The street food available in the area is a foodie’s paradise. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide to give you the best experience possible. You can also visit an animal shelter (Panjra Pole) and get a look at how the Jain community lives.
The bazaars are the place where the essence of Mumbai spills out into the streets. If you want to experience the life of this great city, the Mumbai bazaar walk is not to be missed!


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