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Belur Halebid

Day Trip to Belur Halebid

Day Trip to Belur Halebid


Another great day trip you can take from Bangalore is to go see the wonderful Hoysala (the Hoysala was a Kannadiga empire that ruled the area between the 10th and 14th centuries) temples at Belur and Halebid. This is a full day excursion to the Hoysala temples at Belur and Halebid. The drive time from Bangalore is around 4 hours. Belur was originally the capital city of the empire, until the switch to Halebid in the 12th century. Your guide will regale you with the stories and history of the time. The temples at both cities are very beautiful and representative of the culture and art of the era. The Hoysalas were patrons of the arts and architecture and these temples are testament to the workmanship and sentiments of the time.
We will begin with a stop in Halebid to visit the Hoysaleshwara temple, dedicated to Shiva. Then we will stop for lunch we will stop at the Hoysala Village Resort at Hassan, after which we make our way to Belur to visit the Chennakeshava temple. Dedicated to Vishnu, the idol is of Vishnu is his handsome or as they in Kannada, “chenna” form. Using soft soapstone to create their intricate carvings, these two temples are the best examples of Hoysala workmanship. After this temple, we will return to Bangalore and drop you back to your hotel.


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