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Palliative care and responsible tourism

<h1>Palliative care and responsible tourism</h1>


Palliative Care is now the most visible social movements in Kerala thanks to the efforts of Pain and Palliative Care Society in Calicut. From a one room clinic by the anaesthesia department in Calicut Medical Collegein 1993, palliative care has grown organically into a movement that has more than 8000 volunteers in action at any point of time mainly in the Malabar region of Kerala.

While entering the main campus of Institute of Palliative Medicine, there is a green patch known as “Smritivanam”, a wood dedicated to the memory of dear ones. This was initiated by Forest Protection Staff Association, the trade union of forest protection staff six years ago.


The Blue Yonder is taking a small initiative to help preserve this patch for regeneration and let it develop into a natural forest. In future, this patch will be a solace for the in-patients to rest and relax and find harmony with the nature. Travelling volunteers, medical students and regular palliative care volunteers will be taking active role to maintain the place. read more about the initiative here


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