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Gardening the biosphere back to life

<h1>Gardening the biosphere back to life</h1>


Monsoon clouds setting above the valley en route to Wayanad

Day before yesterday some of us from The Blue Yonder(Arun, Sandra, Gopi) went to visit our friends at GurukulaBotanical Sanctuary in Wayanad to update them on our recent initiatives and leveraging on our common interest. It was Suprabha Seshan who inspired us to launch the concept of ‘One Metre Forest’ in the villages where we come from.Similarly we came back smiling as she gave us another beautiful term to define the work Botanical Sanctuary is involved in : “Gardening the bio-sphere back into life”. We don’t think there is no other way to express what they do!! How beautiful…


Entrance to Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary – Wayanad

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