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Community ownership

All the activities we organise as part of the holiday experiences have been developed after consultation with our community members. We have also ensured that the ownership, management and operations remains with the community and not with the Travel Company. The consultation exercise ensures an integrated development towards the well being of the community.

Sensitised travelers

Thorough briefing is given to all guests before they book the holiday, this exercise continues immediately prior to the tour as well, so that the guests understand the reasons for organizing these holidays. In many holidays, we notice that the local communities end up adapting to the needs of the traveller which is alright to some extent. But we ensure that the community by no means makes a compromise because of tourism that affects their authenticity in anyway.

Proud stake holders

To respect and be sensitive to the needs of the community by not treating them as outsiders but as people who feel proud to represent the culture and environment they live in. Tourism as a tool for poverty reduction: By becoming our activity partners, local community members are shown alternative and supplementary sources of incomes which in turn helps them preserve their art forms, rituals, heritage and culture.

Preserving rich cultural heritage

By encouraging traditional musicians to pursue many of the dying art forms to sustain itself by providing an audience [through special interest travellers] and thereby preserving them.

Discouraging migration to cities and towns

Discouraging migration to cities and towns as our project ensures a security to some extent and has potential to be sustainable. Kerala has seen a large exodus to middle east, and we have some examples of boys who decided to stay back in village just for the reason that they were shown decent living back home while being connected to their roots and tradition through the activities we provide through holidays.

Taking responsibility

From the promoters to the present stake holders of the River Nila projects, we were all responding to our surroundings / environment, to be responsible and accountable for the damage that human intervention has caused to the river.

Sense of pride

By creating a meaningful connection between visitors and the river through interpretations, local people feel more connected with the river as they are the ones giving the interpretation. Retelling stories, legends and songs about the area and explaining their significance, local people are themselves made aware of their culture and the need to conserve it.

Focus on the process than the product

TBY gives Importance to the process not the product to enhance the value of the specific activity. Rather than showing the guests a performance, we ensure that the guests understand the stakes in the performance by seeing the back ground work that leads to the performance.

Giving back to destinations

The initial briefing and constant interaction with the local people ensures that the guests understand the dynamics of the communities and culture they interact with. This creates interest amongst the travelers who can contribute back to the destination through volunteerism and various other personal contribution.