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Our Story

The Blue Yonder was set up as a travel company focusing on responsible tourism in a small village in Central Kerala in India in 2004. Probably one of the first few in the country to position a travel business based on triple bottomline responsibility, our idea was to use tourism as a tool for sustainable development. We created inspiring and meaningful travel based on the river Nila (Bharatapuzha), which was struggling to maintain its past glory as a thread that wove lives and traditions in an ageless manner sustaining a unique civilisation.

The holistic approach that we adopted in this part of the world, was appreciated by local communities, Governments, travel industry and travellers as we went on to receive more than 15 national & international recognitions. We then slowly ventured into Sikkim on invitation from a local NGO, then to Rajasthan and later partnered with likeminded organisations in Orissa, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal and North East of India.

Later in 2011, we ventured into South Africa with a vision to share and learn from two exciting emerging markets in the world. 2012, we are promoting Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal & Bhutan based on the partnerships we have built over a decade.

When a community gathering gave us a artistically designed clay memento as a token of appreciation for the work we have been doing in 2007 and when one of our travellers mentioned that ‘she found herself’ during the travel with us, we realise how wonderful it’s to be on this journey with all of you. Thank you!

Before leaving India for
France, he said,

“When I first heard about this
river, it was yours, now, I feel
it’s mine and I am taking with
me to wherever I travel”.

We met Anoop when we lost
our way in the rain forests of
Wayanad. As someone for
whom forests is his literal
playground, he guided us and
we became friends! He is one
of the best trackers now and
guides our travellers for the
7th year.

The Blue Yonder founder
@Gopinath Parayil is
recognised among the 50
Social entrepreneurs of
India that make a difference
to the country.

‘If we could dream, we should
also have the courage to see the
dream through”. We believed.

So we kept on innovating on how
we can design new travel
itineraries for discerning
travellers? Folk expressions
played a key role in making an
unknown destination like nila

The Blue Yonder South Africa launches with an initial portfolio of ten itineraries, focusing on four areas: Cape Town and the Western Cape; Durban and KwaZulu Natal; Johannesburg and Soweto; and Kruger National Park.

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