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Pokkali and Organic Farms

Pokkali and Organic Farms


In a remote village not far from Fort Kochin, we came across an ancient community struggling to sustain a rare, organic cultivation of a special crop. Pokkali is one of the oldest and only salt-tolerant varieties of rice that grows organically. Though the communities from these areas have been cultivating Pokkali for centuries, a combination of factors threatened to push the crop to the verge of extinction. The Blue Yonder worked in consultation with the agrarian community to build a sustainable model to facilitate the preservation of this rare crop! How did we do it? What part did the farmers play? Who were the other vital stakeholders? All of these questions and many more will be answered through our Pokkali and Organic Farm visits!

Pokkali and Organic Farm Visits are designed to bring the story of Pokkali to travellers! It’s unique qualities, cultivation, its deep-rooted connection with the community and their struggle to sustain it presents a wonderful case in how various stakeholders from of society collaborated to preserve the delicate cycle of nature!



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