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Conscious Living & Integral Leadership: Visit to Pondicherry


Conscious Living and Integral Leadership:


Conscious Living and Leadership

Conscious Living and Leadership


As Lao Tzu had said ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step’. We invite you to embark on this special journey, a journey, an adventure that will take you deep within yourself in ‘The City of Talent’ – Pondicherry.


For many years, Pondicherry’s allure has been the evident French influence on the town; but there is so much more to this place than meets the eye. A dynamic fuse of cultures from many parts of India and the world, stories hidden around every corner, a treasure-trove of heritage buildings both local & colonial and the natural habitat in and around the city make Pondicherry a special place. Add to that the appeal of a unique community based on the principles of harmony, sustainability & innovation in the form of Auroville and we have the perfect backdrop for an immersive, meaningful travel experience. This visit gives you an insight into the place that attracted several thousands to call it home. Those who came in search of exploring consciousness in action.


The week long interactive visit will introduce you to the dynamic multi-cultural heritage of Pondicherry & the unique international community of Auroville. We facilitate interactions with like-minded individuals on a quest to integral management and our local partners that run many initiatives on inclusive social & integral development, Integral Management and Conscious Leadership.


This journey introduces one to sustainability, innovation and community living in the unique township of Auroville and. The founding stone of Auroville was laid in the‘60s with soil from 124 different nations, brought forth by the first citizens of this wonderful township. More than 2500 people from 50 different countries are residents of this community, making it a cultural cauldron with dynamics and complexities of its own. One of the highlights of this trip be the interaction and visit to one of the pioneering and most successful models of health care, Arvind Eye Hospital to learn more about their innovative practices of they attend to the needs of ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’.


For more details and booking contcat: Anja Loetscher +41.793033346 anja(dot)loetscher(at)purpleconnexion(dot)com


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