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It’s about getting more from your holiday experience

What we do

The Blue Yonder was created to provide meaningful travel experiences for discerning travellers. It all started back in 2004 with a small initiative on river conservation in the state of Kerala. From then on, we’ve been knitting together many beautiful and inspirational holidays for our guests.

The Blue Yonder brings together authentic and unique experiences that are intimately connected to the local communities we engage and work together with. We enable travellers to be part of some of the most inspiring stories around – of communities working together to provide unique experiences in some of the most magical places on Earth.

It’s all about the distinctiveness of the destination

The Blue Yonder develops travel encounters that reveal truths about the places you visit, by creating meaningful connections to local people and ensuring that the trip is beneficial to both the travellers and the residents they meet. We bring out what is special about that community – its original flavours and practices. We believe that travelling this way brings us closer to how people really live.
The Blue Yonder is all about finding what’s unique about a place and the people who live in it, and sharing it with the people who come to visit. We work to conserve   the nature, landscapes, heritage and community of the places we travel to. As a socially conscious enterprise, we want to create better places for people to live and for people to visit.
We provide hand-picked holidays ranging from half a day experiences to long stays. From watching  traditional puppetry in a rural ambience to a heritage walking trail in an urban setting, from waking up in the middle of the rain forest to staying at a high-end boutique property – your experience will be tailored to match your interests.

How We Do it:

We understand that our travellers want to feel something new. They want a fresh sensory experience, they want to feel anew. At The Blue Yonder, we make that magic to happen through local interaction. When we take you off the beaten track, away from the familiar, into the brave new world of discovery, novelty – and wonder – there’s always a story to be found, to be told, to be heard, to be experienced.

34657544-climbers-at-the-top-of-a-pass-with-backpacks-meeting-the-sunrise-in-the-mountains Whether it’s puppetry in Rajasthan or hiking at 5000 metres above sea level in the Himalayas, the story of the people will have a strong link to us, and our presence will leave an impression on them. Our business is about connecting our travellers to the most beautiful places and ensuring that our visits help conserve what they come to see.
33599575-the-open-waterways-of-the-kerala-backwaters-and-ashtamudi-lake Take Pokkali farm visits near Fort Kochi, as an example. They have   become one of the ‘must dos’ for many guests staying in the neighbourhood. You’ll take a walk through the most stunning backwater locale surrounded by numerous Chinese Fishing nets, interact with the women farmers and visit some of the organic farms, and conclude with a mouth-watering culinary experience.  Our guests who’ve been to Pokkali are quick to point to it as an amazing, experiential holiday.
33599575-the-open-waterways-of-the-kerala-backwaters-and-ashtamudi-lake Experiences like Pokkali are off the beaten path and don’t just happen by chance. Pokkali is a rare variety of rice that can grow in saline water and is so unique to the region that it’s often positioned as a climate changed resistant food. Low yield, high labour costs and lack of demand, among other woes, had pushed farmers to the verge of giving up on a farming tradition that’s several thousand years old.   When we came to know of a looming agrarian crisis in the region, we spent two years in continuous engagement and consultation with local farmers. As a result of our intervention, the farmers produced more than fifty tonnes of rice this year, ensuring livelihood security in the region. And it afforded us the opportunity to share a transformational holiday with our travellers. Learn more about Pokkali and many other such initiatives here. (link to the site)

It’s about getting more from your holiday experience.

Whether it’s a musical trail, folk expressions, a tree walk, or a visit to the Pokkali farm, there is more to such experiences than what we see in the periphery It’s this “more” that makes us a special holiday company, that will guarantee you have an unparalleled experience.